US Coup: Bush Declares Martial Law, Election Cancelled

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Continuing where I left off on my previous post I would please like you to take a look at this interview with Naomi Wolf. She basically covers everything that has been happening since before 9/11 leading up to the Bush & Co Coup on the 1st of October with the Financial Industry Bailout Plan.

The time for action is NOW. We need mass demonstrations and demand the criminals in the White House be put on trial. hat better place than here? What better time than now? Wake up from you slumber and vociferously rage against the machine!


Signs Of The Times

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Interesting and ominous times and events surround us presently.

Apparently the Web Bots of the Time Monks (who or whatever that may be) have been picking up on disturbing scenarios unfolding in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. The 14th of October has been mentioned many times as a significant date. Of course I don’t necessarily believe all this and I am no doom-sayer, but in the least fiction based on real world fact is certainly more captivating than pure fiction.

Some sources talk of extra-terrestrial disclosure where we will wake up to an Independence Day scenario with gigantic ships overhead. Some talk of a mass global consciousness awakening and spiritual evolution (21/12/2012) but that horrific events will need to take place before this can happen.

Then there is this more real-world scenario: “Steve Lombardo, who has worked on Republican campaigns since 1992 and advised McCain’s opponent, Mitt Romney, in the primaries, said it would take a major external event, such as a terrorist attack or a crippling error by Barack Obama, for McCain to make a comeback.”

And we all know those neo-con Republican dogs will kill their own mothers to hang on to power.

This story links up pretty terrifyingly with this theme:

I first read about nuclear attacks in the US in either LA/Chicago/Houston more than a year ago which will result in Bush declaring Martial Law and cancelling the forthcoming election.

Let’s hope it all just is conspiracy theory and not conspiracy fact. But keep your mind open in the next few weeks, especially on the 14th of October. That’s next Tuesday.

Financial Industry Bailout Plan

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Death of the Dollar = Birth of the Amero = Rise of the New World Order

By the way, the world press is repeating the US government line about the “nationalisation” of Bear Sterns, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, AIG at al, but isn’t The Federal Reserve a private corporation?

Please see these other great updates by Franklin Sanders.


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A friend sent me this YouTube clip and though it looked awesome I immediately thought it must be a hoax. Then I came across this article. Wow. (More info here)

But this was quite a shocker and sober realisation of the obvious inherent risks this sport has. And of course the military is already in on the act

The Peace Tax Campaign

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Sign me up!

If this should become a reality I wonder how many people will still actually opt to have their taxes pay for military aggression?

Media Lens

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Media Lens is a great source of journalism which delights me every time I receive one of their Media Alerts in my inbox. With all the mainstream sources of news all but pandering to the interests of the elite and the corporate shareholders, good journalism truly is a rare beast.

You can find the latest Media Alert here – SELLING THE FIREBALL – GEORGE BUSH AND IRAN.

UPDATE: In response to the article mentioned above News International has threatened Media Lens with legal and police action. This is another example of the utterly unjust British libel laws in action. See this piece by George Monbiot for more info on this topic.

Magneto’s Opus

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This latest study may go some way to explain why I’ve been feeling utterly crap as of late. And I wonder what effect the pole shift will then have on us in the future? But I somehow doubt that this is the most likely scenario. Very creative though. Might have to keep an eye on this kid in the meantime…